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How To Teach STEAM Through Baking To Your 8-11-Year-Old Kid?

STEAM is a new approach to education, integrating science, technology, engineering, mathematics and art. Baking is a STEAM activity to do with kids at home. You get to spend quality time with kids and engage them into a learning experience. And the cherry on the pudding is that you get to eat yummy cake. Kids feel so proud of having baked a cake. Remember to allow kids to mix the ingredients. And while the cake is baking, ensure they clean the workstation.

How to teach STEAM through baking to your 8-11-year-old kid?

Language: Give the recipe to the child and ask her/him to read. Highlighting the ingredients can be the first step. Read the recipe with them to understand the steps. Post baking, you may ask your child to write her/his experience.

Mathematics: Discuss the volume or weight of ingredients mentioned in the recipe — an excellent opportunity to discuss the difference between the two. You could also talk about the conversion of units. The ratio and proportion is another concept that can be taught or revised. E.g. How much would 250gm weigh in mg? How much butter did we use for the given amount of flour? What quantity of butter would be necessary for double the amount of flour?

Science: You may use food colours to make the cake look interesting. Have the primary colours (red, yellow, blue) and ask them to mix these to get green or purple. Some more concepts that can help your kid ponder are: What is the role of baking powder in a cake? Why do we mix the dry ingredients separately?

Technology: Depending on whether you use an oven or microwave, talk about the different modes. Allow them to do the temperature setting. Discuss the kind of utensils used in a microwave versus an oven. Might require you to do research or even better, do this research together. Click pictures during and post-baking and encourage your little one to create a slideshow or use Prezi to make a presentation.

Art: Provide them with sprinklers, jelly or Gems to decorate the cake.

Make baking a family time and an opportunity to teach and learn!

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