Monologue in Parenting

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Parenting is a tough job, and there is no way to quit the job. Over a dinner conversation, my kid questioned, "What is a monologue?" My immediate response was, "A monologue is when I keep blabbering about your homework, and you continue watching TV as if I don't exist." I am assuming he got the answer.
As I kept pondering about the question, I realised there is a list of such monologue. Some of my typical speeches are
1. Please keep your things in place.
2. Eat the veggies.
3. Can we finish your studies before you head to play?
4. Is there something better to do than watching videos on YouTube?
5. What time can we start studying?
And the struggle is how to convert these monologues into dialogues. The dialogues happen when they are interested. Else it ends up with "hmmm" or "okay" or sometimes just silence. It eventually ends up with me losing temper and silence prevails. The parenting books on my shelf stare at my face and seem to taunt me "Is this what we taught you?"
Books teach to offer choices than threats, state your expectations than pointing out what is wrong. I calm myself and commence the second attempt of turning the monologue into a dialogue. So I begin with stating the problem, "kids the room looks dirty with all these things lying around. Can we clean the room before you go to play?" Here I didn't threaten them and shared my expectation. What do you think happened? At times, I am successful and achieve my goal. What a joy! Distress is when it fails again. It makes me feel worthless as a mother, and I brood. I might end up cleaning the room in this case. Parenting for me is swaying between monologue, dialogue and silence. It is all about trial and error.

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