A must visit cafe with kids in Bangalore

Furry Friends, Food and Fun

As a parent it always a struggle to find places where I can take my kids out for a couple of hours. The place must be good, kids can have fun, I can also relax and not feel the pinch in my pocket. In pursuit of such a place, I stumble on “Snoopy Paw’s café “. The place promised good food and fun with furry friends. The location on the map showed a 15 min drive from our home. Just that I had one inhibition that my daughter is afraid of dogs. Still, I decided to take my kids, Advait and Srushti, to this place.

With full of anticipation, I drove both my kids to Snoopy Paw’s café. As soon as we opened the gate, Cash, a Labrador, greeted us. He sniffs and walks ahead of us as if showing us the way around. And 20 meters from the gate, is a kennel full of dogs, small and big ones. Bella (Husky), Carin (Cocker spaniel), Scooby (Beagle), Shadow (Golden retriever) are some of the furry friends there. Jojo (Shiztu) and Bond (Saint Bernard) are the showstoppers there. They have a play area with hurdles and these dogs are all set to show you their talents on overcoming this hurdle.

If you have a pet, please take her/him along to play here. You can use the play area for your pet. A nominal charge is there for the service.

The place has outdoor and indoor seating. If you don’t like a dog, carry a book and find a nice cozy corner to sit and relax. Trust me the dogs don’t bother. My kids fell in love with the dogs. Srushti who was scared of dogs can’t stop talking to her friends about the place, her experience and her newfound love for Jojo. The café has amazing food and priced well. I would recommend trying Pawzaas.

There is ample parking space. Just carry mosquito replant as there is a bit of mayhem of mosquitoes. I definitely suggest you go there and have fun. Dogs have a therapeutic effect. It’s a must place for cynophilist (dog lovers)!

You can visit the Gallery to see more pictures.

What are you waiting for?

Visit the place and I would love to hear your thoughts about the place.

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Mahesh Mukundan

In just few words the blog has created enough excitement to visit the place..
Looking forward for more reviews and blogs and this place is for sure in the to do list now.